The SquadChaos Podcast Episode 1: The Inaugral One

Welcome to the first episode of the SquadChaos podcast, bringing you the updates, news, games reports and tournament details from members of SquadChaos from around the world.

In this episode, we introduce our hosts Thor87, Morpheous and Widram, who explain a bit about how they got into Blood Bowl in the first place.

We also talk about our recent (mostly online) games and how we are all coping during Covid19. We then speak to our special guest Jeffro, the organizer of the Chaos Cup in Chicago.

We have a regular slot for #AskTheGlowfather, where founding member Glowworm answers the questions that have been submitted to us on our discord server, followed by an update on any events that we are planning on doing in the near future.

We then talk about the upcoming release of the Gymir memorial miniature (limited edition of 150 resin models, but metal miniatures will be available too), available via our Discord Channel or Facebook group.

Link to Epidose 1:
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SquadChaos on Discord

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